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The Articles Archive

This selection of original articles with reprint rights is full of useful tips and unbiaised advice for ebook publishers and webmasters.

These articles come with FULL REPRINT RIGHTS which means that you're free to re-publish them on your website, newsletter or e-book. The only requirement is that you include the 'About The Author' information shown at the bottom of each article. We'd also appreciate it if you'd let us know when you publish them.

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Articles from Past Issues of
Ebook Times Newsletter...

Get FASTER Download Times By Making BIGGER Web Pages!
Discover the secret to faster web page downloads that the web design experts aren't telling you.

Get over $100 worth of FREE traffic - no strings attached!
Check out this little-known method for getting TARGETED FREE TRAFFIC to your website.

Don't Let Use Up Your Valuable Bandwidth!
A perfect example of how NOT to make money through your affiliate program.

Are You Using The Four Letter Word?
The most powerful word in the marketing dictionary is made up of just four letters...

How Did You Get Here?
When marketing your website, it's important to know which of your efforts are producing results and which of them are a waste of time...

Thousands of banner displays - for FREE!
Here's a little trick that's quick and easy to excecute and will get your banner displayed thousands of times across the web!

How to make ebooks available for download on your website
There's nothing difficult about setting up an ebook for download on your website. Just follow this simple 5-step procedure...

Are you wasting your time with free eZine ads?
Posting free subscriber ads in ezines can be a nice little source of free traffic and exposure for your website/ebook/ezine but, if not handled properly, it can have its downside...

Free Ebooks? You've Got To Be Joking!
Find out why two hours spent clearing space on my hard disk, resulted in over 100 extra visitors every day!

How I Host My New Dot-Com Websites For FREE!
A little 'trick' for setting up brand new websites for just the
price of a domain name.

Which of these ebook titles tempts you the most?
Always keep in mind that the title of your ebook is vitally important to its success.

Is Your Website "Killing" Your Online Business?
Discover the 27 things you can (and should) do to improve your website and make more sales.

7 Steps to "Resale Rights" Riches
Even if you never write a word of your own, you can still
earn plenty of money in the lucrative ebook business.

TUTORIAL: How to put ebook sales and delivery on auto-pilot
This mini-tutorial details the nuts-and-bolts of selling ebooks online -- whether original titles or ebooks with resale rights.

How to get High-Quality TARGETED Traffic from Start Page Exchanges!
Promoting your website via Start Page Exchanges is a bit like holding up a sign at the airport - lots of people see you but nobody cares.

10 Things You Can Do TODAY to Boost Traffic to Your Website
Are you twiddling your thumbs and wondering what you might do today to bring more visitors to your website? If so, then twiddle no more...

Are you taking the Asterisk*?
SP*M is the scourge of the Internet. Everyone hates SP*M. Even SPA*MERS hate SP*M! For the average email user it's an annoyance. But for the Internet marketer it represents a serious threat...

How to Prevent Theft of Your Ebooks - Part 1 (Ebook Copyright)
While the majority of web users are honest people, you must accept that some people WILL try their best to steal your products.

A Ramble...
This is not an article, as such. It's just a copy of an email I recently sent to a customer of mine. The customer was new to Internet marketing and was becoming frustrated that things weren't moving as fast as he had hoped...

How to Prevent Theft of Your Ebooks - Part 2 (Stop Illegal Downloads)
If you sell downloadable products (via ClickBank, PayPal, etc.), you need to be sure that no-one can access those products unless they've paid for them.

Another Email Ramble...
This is a copy of an email I recently sent to a customer of mine. The customer's website had been online for two weeks and he was concerned that he still hadn't made any sales...

Rules and Reglations associated with starting an online ebook publishing business
This is not an article. It's a copy of an email I recently sent to a customer of mine with regard to 'real world' requirements when it comes to setting up an ebook publishing business.

7 Strategies for Finding Best-Seller Ebook Ideas
One of the biggest difficulties facing people who are getting into the ebook business for the first time is finding the right subject for their ebooks...

A More Intelligent Popup
Whether you love them or hate them (and, let's face it, most of us hate them), there's no denying the fact that Popups DO work. But, there's one problem with most Popups...

3 Simple (and Little-known) Psychological Tricks that Can Increase Your Profits by 100% or More!
Your sales page is the life-blood of your business. It's the number one difference between a successful product and an unsuccessful product...

How to Stabilize Your Monthly Online Income
For many people, the biggest obstacle to turning a small Internet business into a full-time living is unpredictability...

8 Ways to Explode Your Affiliate Commissions
Affiliate programs are a great way of generating income for your online business if -- and only IF -- you go about them the RIGHT way...

Dramatically Increase Your Traffic at Zero Cost!
Bringing in lots of quality traffic to your website is the key to success for your online business. But it also happens to be the hardest and most expensive part.

The Story of the $800 Support Issue
A few months ago I paid $20 for an ebook that caught my attention. Unfortunately, after completing the payment...

What Has 'Frankenstein' Ever Done For Me?
Have you ever wondered how some marketers manage to have 20 or 30 testimonials on their webpage even if the product has only just been launched?

How to 'Force' Your Visitors to Order Immediately!
This may comes as a surprise to you but, if you're using popups on your website (which you should), then chances are you're using them all wrong...

Why Am I Making No Sales?
A few weeks ago one of my Ebook Times subscribers wrote to me asking why she was making so few sales despite having a steady stream of visitors to her sales page...

Free Ebook Page Templates
This is not an article but, rather, a pair of templates that your welcome to download and use when designing your ebook.

My Confession... (A Lesson Learned in PLR)
A little while back (July 20th) I sent an email with the subject link "Are you guilty of this?" which talked about the fact that many of us are...

Finding Free Public Domain Content Online
With so much talk of the so-called lost files, I felt it timely to remind you that there are a few great sources of copyright-free, public domain content available on the Internet...

TUTORIAL: How to Profit From PLR Articles and Ebooks - Part 1
ou're about to discover a simple technique involving PLR articles or ebooks that will increase your web traffic, increase your sales and increase your...

TUTORIAL: How to Profit From PLR Articles and Ebooks - Part 2
Essentially, this page consists of some additional tools and resources that you can use to help put the idead covered in the first part of the tutorial into practice...


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