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How to 'Force' Your Visitors to Order Immediately!
by Michael Hopkins

This may comes as a surprise to you but, if you're
using popups on your website (which you should),
then chances are you're using them all wrong. Almost
everybody is.

Did you know, for example, that top marketers are using
HIDDEN techniques that make any given popup VASTLY more
effective on their sites than the VERY SAME popup would be
on yours!

In fact, top internet marketer Jim Daniels revealed in an issue
of his BizWeb e-Gazette (http://bizweb2000.com/articles.htm)
how he generated an extra $1,738 in sales in a WEEK using
one of these techniques.

Here's how that technique works...

Let's say Joe Bloggs has visited your site but has
decided (for whatever reason) not to order just yet. He
closes his browser (or clicks to another site) and then

Up jumps a window that makes Joe a special offer he just
CAN'T refuse. On top of that, Joe has only got x number of
minutes to make up his mind. There's a countdown happening
right before his eyes. If he doesn't react before the time
expires,he loses out on the special deal -- forever.

Suddenly Joe is back on your site and placing his order.

I call these 'Pressure Popups' because they really put
your visitors' backs to the wall and practically force them
to take you up on your offer.

For pressure popups to be completely effective they have
to be 'conditional'. In other words, they should only pop up
when certain conditions are met.

You don't, for example, want the pressure popup to show
if your visitor is about to order your product. After all,
the idea behind pressure popups is to pull back those
visitors that were leaving your site WITHOUT ordering.

In short, if your visitor is ordering, leave him/her
alone. However, if your visitor is clicking away, hit
him/her with an offer that's too good to resist (like a
special discount, an extra bonus, etc.)

Make sure there's a live countdown on your popup. Remind
your visitor that, once the countdown has ended, the popup
will disappear and will never be displayed again.

It's easy to see how this kind of popup will make the
visitor seriously reconsider your offer. This is
particularly effective with those visitors who like your
product but decided to order later (and usually never come
back). This is the incentive they need to place the order
instantly -- and guarantees you a sale that would otherwise
have been lost.

In the four months since I first added a conditional
pressure popup to one of my sites, sales have increased by
just over 20%. It's a good feeling to know that every single
extra 'pressure' sale I've made is one that would never have
happened otherwise.

Adding conditional pressure popups to your is simply a
question of placing a piece of javascript on your pages. You
could go to a site like ScriptLance.com and hire a
programmer to create the code. Or, you could download point
and click software like Dynamic Popup Generator to make them
for you.

Whichever approach you decide to use, go ahead and add
these powerful popups to your website today and start
putting your visitors under pressure!

Michael Hopkins is a successful web marketer and developer
of the world's most powerful popup generator software. Grab the FREE trial version now and double your subscriber sign-up rate with unblockable, instant opt-in popups:


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