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Frustrated? Hang in there!

by Michael Hopkins


This is not an article, as such. It's just a copy of an email
I recently sent to a customer of mine. The customer was
new to Internet marketing and was becoming frustrated
that things weren't moving as fast as he had hoped. I've
decided to reprint this email (without any additional editing)
in the hope that it may help others who are new to Internet

I wouldn't spend too much money on 'guru' ebooks if I were
you. The fact of the matter is, most of them repeat the same
stuff in different language. The only thing that separates
most of them is their ability to write an effective sales page
and convince customers that they're getting something new.
In most cases they're not.

Their are lots of ways to bring traffic to a website - too many
to mention here. If you decide to buy the Total Resale package
(www.totalresale.com) you'll have enough 'guru' ebooks and
marketing information to keep you going for a long time.

Pretty much everything that marketers are doing are covered
throughout these ebooks. Equipped with the tactics that
people are using, all it takes after that is a degree of patience
and a great degree of PERSISTENCE.

Unless you want to throw money at it, it takes time. Traffic
levels will build slowly, but they WILL build. Just approach a
different marketing tactic every time you work on your business. Each one will reap some rewards - some more than others. Gradually the numbers will build.

Like most things it's a learning curve.

Rome wasn't built in a day and it takes time to learn to use
the different tools necessary to build an online business of your own. But it's worth the investment in effort.

Don't look upon these difficulties as problems but rather as
challenges. As you overcome each challenge (which you will)
you'll enjoy a great deal of satisfaction at achieving your aims
and learning a lot as you go along. You need patience at times
and PERSISTENCE all the time. Things will go wrong and you
will encounter setbacks. But none of these are insurmountable.
You will overcome them one by one and you'll make progress.

Learn to enjoy the learning experience rather than be frustrated by it. It's a terrific opportunity to continue learning new things as we go through life and building a business from the ground up is a wonderful challenge and a wonderful achievement. It certainly beats sitting around watching TV.

One great (and reliable) way to bring in traffic is PPC search engines. You'll find some information on how they work in my free ebook "Thousands of Targeted Hits for Free" which you can download on this page (read the tutorial section).

Once you know how many visitors it takes to make a sale (your
conversion rate), you can safely invest in the PPCs and be sure of making a profit. As someone in banking, I guess you don't need to be told how to calculate your conversion rate but, if you're not sure you'll find details in the tutorial section of the ebook (above).

Here are a few examples of cost-effecient PPCs:

(you'll find more here)

I've listed some other effective marketing ideas in this article.
(I'd suggest that points 1 and 7 are the most effective of all)

Okay, I'll stop rambling here. Again, just to emphasise the
single most important trait you need for your online business
to succeed: PERSISTENCE. Try things out. Treat a failure as
a lesson learned. Treat a problem as a challenge. And, most of
all, try to enjoy the adventure. Ten years ago, very few of us had any chance to ever consider starting our own business. Now, we all have the opportunity to become success stories.

Three years ago I was disillusioned after the failure of my third online business and now I'm enjoying a very high degree of success.

I put that success down to persistence. Each failure taught
me a lot and, despite the ever-present feeling that both family
and friends felt I was wasting my time, I persisted and I got there in the end.

By the way, those failed businesses had nothing to do with
ebook publishing. Firstly I worked with a number of others in
a so-called 'start up' at the height of dot-com madness.

Unfortunately our 'start up' (which was to produce family oriented software) never quite started up. Secondly, there was web design (a truly awful and thankless business). And thirdly, a tourism portal for the region we live in (we're based in the west of France - I'm from Ireland married to a French woman). I made practically no money out of those four years and three projects but I learned lots along the way.

The ebook business is easier than most others to get started in and its popularity is set to endure. I have no doubt that this is a great business for any would-be entrepreneur - provided, of course, that he/she is willing to hang in there.

Okay, now I really WILL stop rambling :-)


Michael Hopkins is a Successful Web Marketer and Owner of BizzyDays Ebook Publications. Visit Now to Download Original Ebooks for Free at: http://www.bizzydays.com
This Article First Appeared in Michael's Newsletter, Ebook Times. To subscribe visit: http://www.ebooktimes.com

NOTE: You're free to republish this article on your website, in
your newsletter, in your e-book or in other publications
provided that you include the 'About the author' information (above)


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