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3 Simple (and Little-known) Psychological Tricks that Can Increase Your Profits by 100% or More!

by Michael Hopkins

     Your sales page is the life-blood of your business. It's
the number one difference between a successful product
and an unsuccessful product.

     Now, a lot has been written about the art of sales copy writing and, if you've been marketing online for any length of time already, you'll be familiar with most of the main points (a strong headline, focus on benefits, a strong call to action and so on).

     However, in this article I'm going to introduce you to three very simple, little-known psychological tricks that will instantly increase the readability of your sales page and, thus, greatly increase your chances of closing the sale.

     By the way, I learned the first two tricks (and a lot more) from George Katsoudas through the (excellent) free e-course he offers at FrankensteinMarketing.com.

     Okay, here goes...

Psychological Sales Page Trick #1: The Big Letter

     It's well known that, if you can get your visitors to read the opening paragraph of your sales page, you've hugely increased the chances that they'll read your entire page. And, if they read the entire page, your chances of making a sale have improved big time.

     Now, let me ask you a question...

     Have you ever wondered why magazines and newspapers use a BIG first letter in the opening paragraph of their articles? (For example, if the article begins with the word 'Why', there will be a great big black W at the beginning).

     They do this, because it draws the reader down in to the article.

     You can use this very same principle on your website. By using a big letter at the start of your opening paragraph, your visitors eyes will be drawn in and you'll succeed in getting them launched into your sales page.

     But don't just make your letter bigger so it sticks up above the others in the paragraph - that simply doesn't work.

     Your big letter needs to be aligned so that the top of the letter is in line with the top of the text that follows. (You can see a very good example of this on the 'Website Conversion Secrets' sales page here).

     To achieve this effect, create an image file of the letter and then, using your web editing software align it to the left of the text.

     It takes just five minutes to do this, but it will be five minutes well spent.


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Psychological Sales Page Trick #2: Indented Paragraphs

     This is so simple, so effective and yet hardly anyone does it!

     Indent your paragraphs!

     Just adding a few spaces before the start of each paragraph (just like in this article) makes it easier for the reader to continue reading your text.

     And, as I've said, if you can get people reading your sales text, you're well on the way to making a sale.

Psychological Sales Page Trick #3: Add Order to Your Form

     Summarize everything in your order form.

     Lots of people won't read your entire sales page and will just want to know what you're offering and how much it costs.

     For this reason, it's important that, at the point of ordering, you include every bit of essential information related to your offer: the product name with a brief description, the free bonuses, the price, the guarantee, the assurance of a secure ordering procedure and the compelling reason why the visitor should buy now.

     The best way to do this is to have all the order links on your sales page point to a separate 'order' page containing everything I mentioned above.

     Again, you can see this technique at work on the "Website Conversion Secrets" site.

     By the way, do you notice the unchecked check-box, followed by "Yes,..."? You've probably seen them used a lot by now. Why? Well, it's another psychological trick. Mark Joyner - after an extensive series of tests - concluded that the addition of this check-box resulted in a 32% increase in sales! Go figure.

     And there you have it. Three simple tricks that will get more people reading your sales letters helping you to make more profits.

     Don't put it off. Try it out on your sales page today. You can use the Scientific Internet Marketing Assistant that you got for free in your last issue of Ebook Times to test the results. I'm confident that you'll be pleasantly surprised!


Michael Hopkins is a Successful Web Marketer and Owner of BizzyDays Ebook Publications. Visit Now to Download Original Ebooks for Free at: http://www.bizzydays.com
This Article First Appeared in Michael's Newsletter, Ebook Times. To subscribe visit: http://www.ebooktimes.com

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